Cargo Delivery

Cargo Delivery

Jetways Airlines is a reliable air cargo carrier - our fleet, competitive pricing and experience in air cargo charter is what sets us apart from many of our competitors.The professional cargo team of Jetways leads the Cargo Charter sector with its medium- and long-distance, narrow- and large-body fokker freighter fleet.Jetways Airlines can arrange flights to regions with no scheduled flights.

Our team will tailor-made specific transportation requirements of traders, NGOs, businesses, Public Authorities, amongst others

Why choose Jetways for Cargo Delivery

  • PROFESSIONAL: Our expert team listens to you, evaluates your request, and arranges the best flight for your needs under optimum conditions.
  • FAST: Our Cargo Charter Department moves quickly to expedite the entire process, from the charter request form to the delivery of the cargo.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Cargo is handled, loaded/unloaded, transported, and delivered to its consignee with the same top-level care the customer shows to its shipment.
  • SAFE: Top-level safety measures are implemented throughout the process, from the delivery of your cargo to our terminal, to its transportation via our aircraft, from storage to delivery to the consignee.
  • SOLUTION-ORIENTED: Cargo Charter examines the requirements of each customer, produces individual optimum solutions, and minimizes the costs of solution-oriented, fast, secure and high-quality service to maximize customer satisfaction.

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